South City Catholic Academy is an archdiocesan PreK-8 grade school located in South Saint Louis City.

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How is SCCA different than other Catholic schools?

In our approach.  

Why?  The time is now.  Now, more than ever, we are called to learn about, receive and share Christ's message: on a personal level, within our families and school community, as well as the community in which we live.  Our world is evolving quickly, often outpacing itself.  At a critical time for Catholic schools, South City Catholic Academy steps in as The Renaissance in Catholic Education. In an effort to preserve, sustain and boost enrollment, SCCA combines a few parish schools in a new model.  Some of our most notable differences, among others, include: 

  • Governance - SCCA is a partnership model school versus a parish school
  • Creative staffing - SCCA has hired a full-time art teacher, full-time PE/Health instructor and will also feature prominent members of our music community leading the charge with Music and Band.  
  • Faith formation - Our faith formation addresses the whole child, whole school, whole community, blending rich traditions with innovation.
  • Instructional practices- Best practices and growth mindset replace the traditional in our classrooms.  Students are prepared for their futures with intense hands-on, minds-on work.  Teachers meet the needs of all students with thorough work on curriculum, specific intervention strategies and provide authentic learning opportunities that connect learners to the real world.
  • Voice - student, teacher and parent voice will allow all to contribute to the mission of this innovative, Catholic, school community.
  • Technology - SMART Boards, iPads and Chromebooks play a large role in our curriculum.

South City Catholic Academy is the model for Catholic education in Saint Louis, providing innovative opportunities for faith formation and academics to families in South City.”
— Principal, Laura Hirschman



At South City Catholic Academy, faith formation encompasses the teachings of our Catholic faith, service to our community, as well as a large focus for our students to find their personal, unique relationship with Jesus.  We believe in providing opportunities for our students to connect with our faith in ways that blend the rich tradition of the Church as well as new and authentic experiences. Come join our faith community!



Our academic program promises to ignite and inspire students to produce students who are equipped for the next stage of their education in our society today.  We offer age-appropriate and engaging learning opportunities. Learning is based on rigorous academic standards and tailored to meet the individual needs of students within the classroom. Assessment practices are age-appropriate, authentic and aligned to the learning that takes place.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Do the students wear uniforms?
Yes.  SCCA has partnered with Just Me Apparel for school uniform purchase.  Shirt colors may be white, red or gray.  Pants are navy blue.  All shirts must have the official SCCA logo on them unless underneath the school jumper.

Do the students attend Mass?
Yes.  Students will attend Mass once/week and each day begins with Morning Prayer.

What are the school hours?
The school day begins at 7:50 and ends at 3:15.  Early dismissals will take place at 11:50 am.

Do you offer after school care?
Both Before-care and After-care are offered to students as well as extracurricular activities.  The rates for Before-care and After-care are listed here.  To enroll, please return the following completed form to the school office.

Do you offer a preschool?
Yes, preschool is located at SCCA.  For more information, contact us directly by filling out the form below.


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